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“Just wanted to send a big thank you your way again for helping us to have a safe, fun and stress free holiday!!! “

subject = Thank You
comments = Just wanted to send a big thank you your way again for helping us to have a safe, fun and stress free holiday!!!
After much consideration and careful planning we decided to take a warm weather winter vacation. But because of Mathews sever peanut allergy nothing is stress free and un planned for safety sake. But having the leg buddy once again gave us the freedom to enjoy our holiday and have the safety factor covered!! we enjoyed beach activity, swimming with the dolphins and other Mexican culture all with the comfort of his medication being safe at hand!!!
Thanks so much for helping us have a happy, healthy , “normal”, life!!
My Sincere Thanks,
Jaylene C.
A concerned Mom!!!
From Canada

“Thank God for you!!!!”

comments = Just wanted to say THANK YOU for inventing the LEG BUDDY..My husband needs to carry his epipen all the time and didnt because he would forget it…Now that I found him something he likes, he will actually carry it on him…He didnt like the other carring options on the market…
Thanks Again,
Angel & Travis

…”Thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,always having the Epi Pen is no longer a worry!!! “

Thank you so much for sending the leg buddy, absolutly the most wonderful invention!! your thoughtfulness on sending the “extra” was greatly appreciated!!! sincerely my thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,always having the Epi Pen is no longer a worry!!!

Jay C.


The LegBuddy is so comfortable Randy forgot he was wearing it.

Wow! Thank you so much for your generosity! I’m sorry we didn’t get the right size the first time. The new one came in the mail yesterday and it is a perfect fit. I love it because it is lightweight and comfortable enough that I don’t have to think about it, and now that I’ve got the right size, it doesn’t slide down my leg.
Thanks again!

Hi Randy,
Thanks for taking the time to write such an uplifting note. We are really happy to hear the LegBuddy works for you. Now you have no excuse to carry your Epipen’s on you 🙂
Take Care and God Bless
“Making it easy for people to have their emergency medicine ON them at all times”

Yep. I carried it on my leg all day at work and when I came home and got to play with my two year old son, I didn’t even notice that I had it on until 2 hours later. Super!

<;;…”Your product seems to be a God send.. I have been battling with carrying this thing around…”

your product looks to be a god send. I have been battling with carrying this thing around for the better part of 5 years. I constantly battle with where
to hide it discretely while wearing my business attire and not looking like I have a terrible personal

Tony S.



Thanks so much Marlena. I really appreciate that. I will order the smaller one then. I really want to thank you for this product. We have tried almost every holder and when I read the info on your website, I felt like you really understood our dilemma. Most epi holders are bulky and when I think of semi-formal for my son, I felt so terrible that I couldn’t find a better solution…..then I stumbled upon your product. My hats off to you.

Thanks again. Take care.

Teresa B.
Toronto CA It is wonderful to do business with you.

It is wonderful to do business with a caring company. You are the standard to which other companies should strive to be.Pray that you all have a blessed day.

In appreciation,
Michelle E.

From a runner who wrote: “I prefer the WaistPal and can’t imagine any improvements for it…”

name = Kenneth
subject = Feedback on LegBuddy & WaistPal

Hi Marlene,
Thanks for sending the LegBuddy along with the WaistPal earlier this year. I’ve run with both and they are excellently constructed products. I prefer the WaistPal and can’t imagine any improvements for it. The Epi-pens fit snugly into their pouches, and yet still the neoprene can easily be stretched when a pen or even inhaler canister are shoved inside. The material is really nice… not too hot nor abrasive, and (on a practical note) the material doesn’t hold in the smell of sweat. I use my WaistPal daily and couldn’t be happier!

On the other hand, the LegBuddy is a fine product but could use some improvements. I got the small/medium size and the lower band does not cinch tightly enough. Despite my sturdy calves, I run out of velcro on the lower band nearer to my ankle. And a very tight cinching is necessary with the weight of two Epi-pens strapped to the leg of a runner. I tried to use the LegBuddy like the AsthmaPal on my arm, but it is a bit too lengthy for the bicep.

Nevertheless, these products really meet a daily need and my WaistPal will probably last a full decade.

Thanks again,


Mother shares how her two sons feel about the LegBuddy Epipen Holder

Hello Marlena,
I just wanted to thank you for sending the XS leg strap for my son. He wore it last week and found it a bit uncomfortable, but my older son is using it! I really appreciate you sending one to us. I have already looked over your site to see what else may work for my younger son that we can purchase. He is very petite and very active, I am trying to find something he can wear that won’t have him feel uncomfortable when running around. You may be hearing from me again soon!
Thanks again,
Toronto, Canada

OmaxCare recommends WaistPal for the little ones


Ran first marathon with OmaxCare products and was great

I was really thankful to have your product(s) the other day when I ran my very first half marathon. This was one less thing for me to worry about! Thank you so much for the most awesome customer service!
Val E.

…”QUALITY!!! I am posting it on my pineterest site…”

Thank you very much for including both sizes I have just received your product and it is QUALITY!!! I am posting it on my pinterest site and welcome others to seek out your product….again Thank you for such a great product.
Eric G.


Traveling to Orlando and…

Hi Marlena,
That is absolutely generous of you to include the WaistPal as a gift with the LegBuddy. My wife and I are very grateful for your thoughtfulness. And also thank you for your advice about traveling to the Orlando parks – this is invaluable information! I am sure we will have a fantastic time, and knowing that we will have our epi-pens at our disposal (along with these food suggestions) will ensure that our trip is not only FUN, but is SAFE as well! Thank you again for your consideration and we look forward to the arrival of these items. Have a great afternoon and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kevin E.


OmaxCare Products are Great!

subject = Thank you

comments = I recently ordered a Waist buddy Epi Pen holder… The products are great and will serve me well for a long time. Again Thank You

Great Service…

Wow…Thank you very much for such great service. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to reply and you have repaired my opinion and exceeded my expectations now.
Deborah F.


Yes we post to Australia

What a brilliant idea! our son is anaphylatic to All nuts, Eggs, Sesame and Fish ( he is 14) Can you post to Australia, Victoria (the suburb is Mt Eliza)


…”Most of all my son likes it…”

subject = order
comments = Hi i just wanted to let u know I’d receive my order and I’m very pleased! Most of all my Son likes it…and that’s the biggest test of all!!Thanks so much for the gift also! It was a nice suprise…I will certainly recommend ur site and products to others!


“I just received the WaistBuddy and I am so happy.”

I just received the waist buddy; i am so happy. Many thanks..

Thanks again!
Kristi O.


…”Received the WaistBuddy…my son thinks it’s much “cooler” than a fanny pack..”

I recently purchased (and received) a Waistbuddy for my 11 year old son.

We are very impressed with your product! My son thinks it is much ‘cooler’ than a fanny pack, and he likes the swivel clip and ‘aggressive’ look.

We have encountered one small problem with the product. We cannot figure out how to carry his Benedryl in the Waistbuddy. I did not realize the corner openings were as large as they are, and am concerned that the Benedryl Quick Dissolve tablets that we use would fall out. We are hoping that someone has come up with a creative solution to this issue – since most people who carry epipens must also carry Benedryl. Any suggestions? Since my son is 11, carrying the Benedryl separately in his pocket will not work – they are generally full of Legos! J

Thanks for making such a great product, and please let me know your thoughts on our Benedryl issue!


Ann A.

<;;blockquote<;;Note from a magazine editor about OmaxCare Products./blockquote>;;
Hi Marlena,

We are featuring your LegBuddy and WaistPal for our Fall edition, so can you send me some j-pegs asap?

I got your products and they have been a big hit…would you be interested in a Canadian distributor so shipping is not such an issue? If so, I will see if I can link you up.


“The LegBuddy is just so convenient”

Hi Marlena! We got the new leg buddy and Nathan has been wearing it. I wanted to thank you so much for sending the new product (the belt epipen carrier) and we will try that one out soon. The leg buddy is just so convienent right now since my peanut allergic son is so young. School starts soon so we will try the new belt and see how it works.
Thanks again!!
Karen in NC, USA


“You are AWESOME!!!”

You are AWESOME!!!!!!
I am going to do PR for you through all the physicians I see. Bet the folks at the immunization center might not have seen this.
And to give you an idea, I had decided to keep the xl one, because I can wear it in a knee brace style when wearing a skirt.
Again, ALL my thanks to you. So many things will be easier for me now.
P.S. If I believe in it – I can sell it!!!!


Easier to sit down not having to carry the Epipen in pants pockets.

Just to let you know that the leg buddy arrived yesterday!

Thanks very much, great product which will make my pockets a lot lighter and it will be easy to sit down once more!



OmaxCare product helps Exercise induce anaphylactic get back into exercising.

Thank you for the information. My primary need for this is for exercise-induced anaphylaxis, and I was very excited to see that you have one available. I have placed my order, and can’t wait to start exercising again.



About Omaxcare Epipen carriers; “Thanks for making an athletic masculine option” /blockquote>;;

…I’m looking forward to using your product. I was just in the ER last week with another allergic reaction to some mystery cocktail of food (I am still going through tests to narrow down what’s going on). I know that my EPI pen saved my life but I rarely carry ON my person b/c of its size. Luckily my wife had it in her purse and we were together. We’re actually together 75% of any given day so that’s nice, BUT for those times when we’re not together I want it with me.

I’m 28 and relatively new to this severe allergy stuff. My first reaction took place last year. I’m surprised that there are so few choices for men when it comes to carrying an Epipen auto-injector.
Thanks for making a professional, masculine, athletic option.


“I’m 25 and have auffered from my allergies from the agr of 14”

subject = a big thanks
comments = hello am 25 and have suffered from my allergies from the age of 14 knowing that i have a leg buddy to carry my pens takes a big weight off my shoulders and as its concealed under my trousers so am a little more at ease a big thank-you to the makers why can’t the english think of something like this lol anyways thanks take-care from chris r.




epipen case waistbuddy

“Is everything your site said”</
We just received the leg buddy and it fits just fine. We needed the XL size. Its everything your site said it would be!

Thanks Again,

“I am pretty sure that many saved lives can be attributed to your effforts”/strong>

Hi Marlena,
I got your package yesterday. The leg buddy fits perfectly. The belt is also very nice, although I don’t quite see myself using it as much as the leg buddy.

I enjoyed my conversation with you the other day very much. it’s nice to se someone so devoted to such an important cause. I’m pretty that many saved lives can be attributed to
your efforts.

I will share my story, in hope that others can benefit from it. I’m alive
today thanks to the fact that although I was cautious enough to carry an Epipen and a lot of luck!

It’s it the luck part that concerns me, and the one that I would like to remove
from the equation for future incidents, if any.

It all started when my favorite bike shop hosted a bike demo at a local national park. I had limited time and by the time I was given the bike, I did not have enough time to go on the intended remote trail I wanted.
So I took a shorter more transited trail. On my downhill descent, I took a Hornet with me. By the time I managed to stop, a few seconds later, I had a burning feeling on my knee. Since I had been stung by a yellow jacket a couple of months earlier without any consequence, I continue riding.

Few minutes later, I reached a well travelled trail and passed several cars on my way back. Soon after (less than 5 minutes after the sting), I felt my helmet strap get tighter. Being cautious, I decided to dismount and walk slow, waiting for the hikers to catch up to me, just in case. Soon later, I heard my wife’s voice, just around the corner, so I walked up to her. She was intrigued to see me walking.

At this point, I’m feeling a little dizzy. So I explained to her what happened while I remove the backpack to take the Epipen out, just in case. By the time I knew I needed it, I had one chance to apply it, it I had forgotten to remove the safety cap from it. All I had time for was to hand it over to my wife before blacking out.

I learned to have the Epipen ready to fire, even if I don’t think I will need it. It’s important to carry one in an easily accessible place so that you or others can easily identify it.

Best Regards,



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