The #LegBuddy™  was the first Epipen carrier  we created after not finding an option that will help us carry the Epipen tubes .  For  most men and boys  the concept of carrying a bag and not loosing it could be quite challenging to say the least.   Young adults, especially pre-teens and teens, the concept of wearing a fanny pack is not that “cool” and could be quite uncomfortable  if  they are going to “shoot some hoops” or  go  biking.   A  back pack is going to be left in the car or lost somewhere along the way, so when I saw my husband trying to put the Epipen’s inside his socks the idea of the LegBuddy was born.

Today the #LegBuddy design can accommodate two #,Epipen and it is widely used for carrying Insulin Pens, Glucose, and first aid medications.


GO FOR IT! Self carry your Epji’s at all times.

by OmaxCare.com

LegBuddy undergarment epinephrine leg holster.

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Where to buy OmaxCare Carriers


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