Could using an #asthma inhaler and other allergy medications trigger a severe #peanut #soy or #milk anaphylaxis reaction?

Articles about asthma inhalers containing peanuts continue to worry #food allergic individuals and especially parents of small children with severe #anaphylaxis #food allergies. Few years ago the concern was that inhalers contained soy, then peanuts. Were they part of the inactive ingredients in albuterol inhalers or was it all a confusion?

Throughout the years we have been told that asthma pumps do not contain peanuts, but then many allergists now recommend to administer the albuterol with a nebulizer just to be on the safe side. Safe for many means to stay away from albuterol and all asthma pumps and have opted for carrying a battery operated portable nebulizer.

What about milk? Like many moms, I never stop asking doctors and pharmacists about asthma and allergy medications inactive ingredients worrying that they might contain milk. After two years of trying to figure out what was causing these horrible huge skin hives, and imputing in an Excel Sheet Document everything eaten or touched, i was convinced that Singular had some milk protein ingredient. I still can’t assure you if it does, but 48 hours after stopping the medication the hives disappeared forever.

So who do you trust? Who do you ask? If you or someone you care for has #food allergies, ask your doctor, ask the pharmacist, call the manufacturers and stay vigilant. Unfortunately, medicines including those recommended for allergies could contain food allergen ingredients. Never stop asking, nor researching the ingredients of your medications since these could change especially if they are sold over the counter.

What causes #Food allergies continues to be an unsolved puzzle. What can trigger an allergic reaction could be millions of roducts. Please remember to always self carry #epinephrine auto injectors on you. Not inside a backpack or a bag, but inside a piece of garment that you can wear all day long.

Accidents due to accidental exposure and ingestion of food allergens always happen when you least expect it. Having immediate access to your #Epipen’s or #Auvi-Q’s is the best thing you can do to help stop anaphylaxis.

Stay safe. Carry your epi’s inside a carrier that you know you will wear. Today there are epinephrine carriers like the undergarment #WaistPal_#Epibelt and the #LegBuddy pouch for AuviQ’s.




Epipen and AuviQ cases, pouches, and undergarment holders.



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