Cool looking and comfortable #Epipen #Waist Pal 

Thank God for you!!!!
subject = Thank God for you!!!

comments = Just wanted to say THANK YOU for inventing the LEG BUDDY..My husband needs to carry his epipen

Epipen leg holster by Omaxcare

all the time and didnt because he would forget it…Now that I found him something he likes, he will actually carry it on him…He didnt like the other carring options on the market…
Thanks Again, Angel & Travis

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Epipen carriers reviews

Blog-ask-about-food-allergy-epi-pen-carry-nut free

If you or someone you love has anaphylaxis food allergies, please Carry the Epipen ON you at ALL times!
In case of a food allergic reaction, have immediate access to life saving medication Epinephrine.


FoodAllergies Hub

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