Must have when traveling with food allergies.

Most essential safety net when traveling with food allergies is to carry allergy free snacks especially during transit.  A food allergic reaction could rapidly escalate to anaphylaxis therefore food allergic individuals must carry the epinephrine injectors at all times.  Must self carry them, not inside a carry-on or a bag pack, but inside and undergarment Epipen holder to which they could have immediate access to the auto injectors.

The two most popular Epipen holders among business travelers, teens, and young adults with active lifestyles are the  LegBuddy™ and the WaistPal™.   These are must have travel accessories to help carry life saving medicines such as the epinephrine and/or insulin pens.

Why even kids should self carry their medications?   The food allergic individual whether is a kid, teen and adult by having the auto injectors on them, any caregiver or even a stranger could provide help by having immediate access to life saving medication in case of a severe allergic reaction.

LegBuddy™ and WaistPal™ are not epipen bags or purses that could be misplaced or lost in the baggage compartments. These epipen holders  were especially designed with soft non latex neoprene materials that contour to your body for all day comfort.

Please help stop anaphylaxis, self carry epinephrine on you at all times.

concealed Epipen cariers



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